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Escape Games for Team Building in Geneva: Strengthen Team cohesion

Team Building in Geneva

Discover the pleasure of a Team Building activity in Geneva thanks to our outdoor Escape Games! Our innovative and entertaining approach aims to strengthen cohesion, motivation and team spirit among participants, by putting their individual skills to work as a group to overcome exciting challenges.

Escape Game activity options for Team Building

Fixed route option in Geneva’s old town:

  • A beautiful stroll through the old town and its surroundings while solving riddles.
  • Up to 150 players simultaneously.
  • Each team of 4 to 6 players has its own itinerary.
    Each team receives an iPad with gadgets to help them succeed in their mission.
  • 100 minutes of gameplay with 10 riddles set in the Old Town’s most beautiful locations.
  • At the end of the game the winning team receives the agent trophy from the Game Master at an award ceremony.

Customized route option:

  • Choose your playground in Switzerland (mountain, park, vineyard, village, etc.) and we’ll bring our Escape Games to it.
  • You can choose your own itinerary, for example starting in front of your company or seminar room and finishing at the restaurant.
  • We can also reserve a restaurant for you or find a caterer with our all-inclusive option (anything is possible).
  • Choose between a 100-minute or 150-minute route, with riddles related to your organization or company integrated into the game’s storyline.
  • Up to 500 participants simultaneously.
  • Each team of 4 to 6 players has its own itinerary.
  • Each team receives an iPad with gadgets to help them complete their mission.
  • At the end of the game, the winning team takes home the Agent Trophy from the Game Master at an award ceremony.

Corporate events activities

Offer a memorable team-building activity in Geneva and other Swiss cities for an unforgettable corporate event, whether to celebrate an anniversary or organize a business seminar. Forge an exceptional experience of excitement and action with our fully customizable Escape Games, carefully crafted to fit both indoor and outdoor spaces to perfection. Dare to challenge your workforce with a captivating blend of complex puzzles and total immersion thanks to augmented reality!

Capacity of Escape Games TeamBuilding Geneva

Since 2015, Outdoor Escape Games has been offering a wide range of adaptable games for corporate events and team-building activities in Geneva and other cities, whether indoors or outdoors. With our solid expertise, we are perfectly equipped to organize and run events for groups of up to several hundred participants per session. Come and discover a unique gaming experience that fosters collaboration within your team, while taking advantage of Geneva’s exceptional city environment.

Augmented Reality (AR)

All our games feature augmented reality puzzles where the real environment is accompanied by digital projections.

Multiplayer mode

Up to 60 teams can compete in real time. Only one wins! We recommend a playing time of 120 to 150 minutes.


For over 8 years, we’ve been organizing escape games for hundreds of corporate events a year all over Switzerland, from small groups to large events with over 900 people.


Incorporate riddles specific to your company, organization or school into the game challenges to add a personal touch.

Team Building

Speed, skill, intelligence, a good strategy and, above all, team spirit. Missions can only be accomplished as a team.


We integrate our game into your day’s program. Aperitifs and meals can be included. We have partners in Geneva and Zurich.

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