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Bachelorette party activity in Geneva

Marriage is much more relaxed when the world isn't on the brink of a breakdown!

During this bachelorette activity party in Geneva, save the world by plunging into the magical universe of Romeo and Juliet! Journey through Geneva’s magnificent old town as the bride’s team in this new and unique Bachelorette Party Escape Game Special.

Travel back in time to the heart of medieval Italy to find Romeo. Can you stop him committing suicide and save the world in the name of love?

Options of bachelorette party activity in Geneva

Aperitif :

Beverage: beverage of your choice (wine / aperitif / cocktails (you can also order a non-alcoholic beverage without any problem).
Food: Our culinary partner offers a delicious assortment of appetizers based on the day’s preparations.

Duration of activity :

100 minutes without aperitif. 150 minutes with aperitif.

Price :

CHF 39.00 without aperitif. CHF 59.00 with aperitif (Price excluding Sundays and public holidays)

Uncertain number of participants?

It’s absolutely not a problem! You’re not the first to be faced with this situation.

If, for example, you are planning to have 8 participants at the event, then book your bachelorette party activity in Geneva for 8 players. If the actual number of participants is lower, we will cancel the extra tickets via the booking system. Please let us know the final number at least 48 hours before the event by e-mail or telephone.

If you prefer to pay in the full amount via Twint on the day of the event, please contact us by clicking HERE.


You want a customized version of the Bachelorette activity in Geneva with questions about the future bride?

Contact us!


You’ll get a lightweight shoulder bag with gaming essentials and an iPad to take with you on your mission.

Play Time

You go on the journey for 150 minutes with aperitif included and of 100 minutes if you chose the option without aperitif.


Capture your wedding event and take original photos during the game. These will be sent to you afterwards by the Game Master.


The riddles and tasks are distributed throughout the beautiful old town. Only when you get to the right place that you can solve them.


You will have a good time in the city and see the area with different eyes.


You can expect an aperitif with a drink of your choice and fine appetizers in the middle of the game. On request also non-alcoholic!


The game location is Geneva at parc des Bastion front of the statue of David.


The Bachelorette party activity in Geneva is available in French and  English, other languages on request.


CHF 59.00 PER PERSON, you can book the game without aperitif at 39.00 per person if you wish.